Packaged Systems

A blog article regarding the availability of natural gas is coming and you will be able to get it here.

  • Can be configured as heat pumps, “gas packs”, or hybrid sytems
  • May be described as an All-in-One System
  • Some models can be located adjacent to buildings, others require 18″ of clearance
  • All the components of the system are located outside (no blower in attic, or closet)
  • Highest “end” models are not as efficient as high “end” split systems
  • All models currently utilize single stage or 2-stage compressors… models with variable speed compressors do not exist (yet).
  • In residential applications, most have duct systems located in the crawl space
  • For crawl space applications, packaged systems are much easier to service and maintain than “split system” models where the blower is located in the crawl space.
  • Some models are eligible for utility rebates

If you are interested in heating with gas fired packaged system in lieu of a heat pump packaged system, you can learn more about heating with an air conditioner with gas heat here, or a hybrid (Dual Fuel) system here.

Example Pictures of the Packaged Systems (by manufacturer)

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