Hybrid / Dual Fuel Systems

Hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

A blog article regarding the availability of natural gas is coming and you will be able to get it here.

Components of a Hybrid System

  • Home must be connected to a natural gas line or LP propane tank
  • Utilizes a gas furnace in lieu of an electric furnace (air handler)
  • Must utilize a heat pump in lieu of an AC (air conditioning system)
  • Must include the capability to change back and forth from heat pump heat to gas heat
  • Must incorporate the use of an outdoor thermostat to enable changes from gas to electricity and vice versa. 
  • Hybrid systems can be in the form of a “split” or “packaged” system.

The Benefits of a Hybrid System

  • If you have previously lived in a home that had gas heat, gas heat is warmer than heat pump heat.  Gas heat is MORE comfortable.
  • Hybrid system provides for lower operating costs for heating.
  • Hybrid Systems May be Eligible for Utility Rebates

The Disadvantages of a Hybrid System

  • The initial investment in a Hybrid System is 15 – 25% more than a heat pump or AC with a gas furnace.
  • It is likely that your electrical utility rate will be slightly higher because heating is a significant portion of the total energy bill of a home.
  • Because of the prevalence of heat pumps within our geography, some dealers may be deficient with the knowledge and experience to properly configure and install gas fired systems.

If you are interested in learning more about a hybrid system, we would be delighted to configure some choices for you.  Hybrid systems look similar to heat pumps.  If you want to see what they will look like click any of the buttons on the buttons on the left and view the heat pumps.  Hybrid systems can be configured using the lowest efficiency (14 SEER) to the highest seer (20 SEER) and sizes from 1.5 to 5 tons.

The significant difference in appearance is the indoor system (blower).  The indoor system will contain a gas furnace (slightly smaller than an air handler) and connected to a indoor coil (used when the system is in heat pump mode).  Gas furnaces have efficiencies (AFUE’s) that range from 80 – 95+%​ (Variable Speed and non-Variable Speed).

Example Pictures of the Furnaces (by manufacturer)

Bryant Furnace and Coil

Ruud Furnace and Coil

Trane Furnace and Coil

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