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Air Conditioning Replacement

Our REPLACEMENT Process Begins and Ends Based on What We Would Require if One of Us Was Replacing an HVAC system.

  • Punctual Arrival of the Sales Representative
  • A Sincere Expression of Gratitude for the Opportunity to Serve
  • An Interview That Describes the Performance of the Old System and Any Concerns to be Addressed with a New System
  • A Sales Rep Observation of the Old System (Attic or Crawl Space) 
  • Justification for the Size (tonnage) of the Proposed Replacement
  • Product Knowledge that Clearly Explains Differences in System Options
  • Options for Replacement, Including any Rebate Options that May be Available.
  • Financing (With Approved Credit) Options. (You can check for any SPECIAL financing offers here.)
  • At the BEST Possible Price
  • Installed by Skilled Installers That Take Pride in Their installations to be a Cut Above Other Installers.
  • Testing Procedures to Make Sure the New System Will Run as Expected Before the Installation is Complete.
  • And with Stellar Service 24/7 to Back  Up the Installation IF Needed

If you happen to be considering a Zoned System Application, there is an article written on our blog site that may provide you additional information on zoned systems.  Go here to take a look.

If you are contemplating a replacement heating and air conditioning system for your home, may I suggest a little more exploration?

  • There are TOPICS pertaining to REPLACEMENT on this page. Especially the topic pertaining to variable speed blowers.
  • Our SPECIAL PROMOTIONS can be viewed on this page.  Be sure to check these out to see if any are applicable for you!

Did you know that we could offer more than 400 different system combinations?  With that many choices, how could anyone determine which system best fits your needs and the requirements of your home?  We Can!  Grant us an opportunity and YOU be the judge...test us!

When You Are Considering a Heating and Air Conditioning Replacement we think the consultation received prior to system selection and the quality of the installation IS more important than the brand selected. 

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