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HVAC – Energy Savings Agreement

As your heating and air conditioning system ages, the probability that something has occurred that may be diminishing comfort and/or escalating energy costs increases.  Attacking those 2 possibilities are what our Energy Savings Agreement Program is all about!  And we provide awards for continued participation!

What We Think You Expect

  • Experienced and Qualified Technician Available When Needed
  • That the Assigned Service Tech Arrives ON-TIME!
  • That the Technician Have Some Knowledge of Previous Service Calls 
  • That the Service Representative is Friendly, Pleasant, and Courteous
  • The Cost of the Service is Fairly Priced
  • That You Can Easily Communicate with the "Office" when it is Convenient For You
  • Punctual Billings For Service(s) Provided

What we Provide



Priority Service

Your service request elevated and dispatched to the next available service tech regardless of order received.

10% Discount on Repairs

Discount is applicable toward repairs, not system replacements

Emergency Service

No premium (overtime charges) apply to after hours service requests.  You Need Service, We Show Up Promptly 

Filter Replacement

Return Air Filters will be replaced on each subsequent check-up (NOT the 1st check-up).  During the 1st appointment, filter(s) will be replaced IF the customers unknown filter sizes are available  on the service vehicle at the time of the appointment.

Additional Refrigerant

If during the check-up, the need to add refrigerant to a system is discovered, the 1st lb of refrigerant included with the check-up. Additional refrigerant if needed will be billed at the current rate (less 10%)

System Updates

You will received creditable updates on the status of your system(s) after each check-up to help minimize the occurrence of un-expected repair(s) or replacement(s)

Notifications of any Existing Concerns

If during the check-up our technician detects a potential problem that may lead to a repair, a safety concern,  air flow concerns, something causing un-healthy air, or some other risk, you will be notified of the urgency to correct the concern and be provided with a recommended repair, if such a repair is "outside of the scope of a check-up".

Pre-Scheduled Appoinments

You will receive a notice (Phone and/or Email) in advance of a scheduled check-up to schedule an appointment to prevent missed check-ups

Allowances for Repairs (if Replaced)

Allowances for repairs will be provided, in the event an unexpected replacement is needed within 90 days after a repair has been performed.  Note that the addition of refrigerant to a system to provide a short interval of extended use does not constitute  a case of an unexpected replacement, should the system be replaced within 90 days of a check-up.

Participation Reward

Each heating and air conditioning system will earn $50 credit for each year of participation toward replacement if a replacement is needed.

What Our Experienced Technicians are Trained To Check

The components of a properly operating heating and air condition system will be checked by our technician including cleaning indoor/outdoor coils as needed, clean blower wheel as needed, flush drain lines, visually inspect duct system, lubricate all moving parts, clean & adjust thermostat if needed and a complete check of the following.  You can get a copy of our Energy Savings Agreement form here.

On the form, you will see the list of items that our technicians check.  But if you agree with us, it's NOT the NUMBER of Tasks Performed on a form that's of greatest significance.  The knowledge and professionalism of the technician to know how to keep your system running as efficiently as possible is the utmost concern.  Also critically important, is the service provider (Tri County Mechanical) that commits to providing quality service to 1 customer at a time, every time.

24 Hrs/day