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Voted Best Heating and Air Company by NSN Readers Choice Award 2020
We are proud to have been rewarded the  "Best Heating and Air Company" by North Strand News Readers Choice Award.
Current HVAC Rebates
We all love to save money especially when it doesn't affect the quality or performance of what you have purchased. We[...]
Al number one heating air conditioning technician
Is Al the number one air conditioning and heating technician in Myrtle Beach? We got Al on video to answer[...]
Voted Best Heating and Air Company by NSN Readers Choice Award 2019
We are proud to have been rewarded the  "Best Heating and Air Company" by North Strand News Readers Choice Award.Click[...]
Grand Opening One Year Ago
Check out the media files from the grand opening.It was nice to meet you at Tri-County Mechanical's networking & ribbon[...]
Why Have a Service Agreement for Your Air Conditioner?
If you SEE something that LOOKS Like a Duck, WALKS Like a Duck, FLYS Like a Duck, and SOUNDS Like a's probably a DUCK!
Getting Closer…To Moving In – Part II
What better time to illustrate that you believe in the products and services that you promote than when you have[...]
Getting Closer…To Moving In – Part I
What does Tri-County Mechanical do when we have the opportunity to install heating and air conditioning systems in our new building?
What Type of HVAC System Should I Buy?
Indoor Lighting Technology Versus Heating and Air Conditioning Technology...How are They Similar?
Google Revenues at a Glance
We are not PROMOTING being a villain, but what if you had that much money? Would you still be yourself?
How Heat Pumps Work
Granted, most of us are only concerned if their heat pump is NOT working. But if you were interested in how a heat pump works, here is my version of the story. Hopefully, you can understand how a heat pump HEATS!
How Air Conditioners Work
Have you ever asked a question to someone that you trusted to explain something but leave frustrated because they didn't speak in a language that you could understand? This was my case when I tried to understand the refrigeration cycle, my way. I think I have finally grasped a basic understanding. If you are interested, maybe this would help you.
How to Select a Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor
The Amplified Version: Go here and you won't NEED to go anywhere else!
What is a Load Calculation?
There is a lot more to a "Load Calculation" than a spreadsheet!
Heating with Heat Pumps
Words of caution when heating with heat pumps during infrequent cold, rainy days
Another Level of Automation Available From a Wi-Fi Connected Thermostat
Here we go with the NEXT level of home automation - Talk To Your Thermostat!
Our Zoned Systems Provide 5-Star Service From Your Air Conditioning System
Our recommended pathway for a pleasant experience that provides a superior level of comfort and efficiency.
Duct Systems – Complaints We Have Heard
If you are considering a replacement heating and air conditioning system, don't forget about the duct system. The duct system is a mission critical COMPONENT of your Total COMFORT System. If you have complained about the performance of your duct system, you should look at this!
Beware – Up Front (Flat Rate) Pricing
Have you had the experience of accepting a proposal for an AC repair from a service provider that performed a diagnostic, returned with a price for the repair and informed you that the amount quoted was the TOTAL cost of the SERVICE and required that you 'Okay' the charge and he would begin work right away?
Variable Speed (VS) Air Handlers – What You Should Know
You may call them "electric" furnaces, fan coils, air handlers, the blower in the attic, etc. but it is that component of a heat pump system that is generally located in the attic, crawl space, or possibly a closet.

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