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Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems

Benefits of Mini-Split Systems

  • More Efficient than Traditional Ducted Systems
  • Non-Ducted / No Duct Work Required
  • Super Quiet - You May Never Hear it Run, Indoors or Outdoors
  • Small Foot Print - Indoors and Outdoors
  • No Supplemental Heater / 100% Heating Capacity Down to 5 Degrees (Outdoor)
  • Controls Temperature at 1/10 Degree Intervals
  • Runs as Low as 30% Capacity / Compressor Speed Matches Heating or Cooling Loads
  • Excellent De-Humidification Capabilities

If mini-split systems are so great, why do we still see "window" air conditioners?  Why are room air conditioners (PTAC's) used in motels/hotels?  Anyone can Google mini-split systems and discover an Online price that is still greater than the cost of window units, or room air conditioners, but when confronted with an estimate, the conversation immediately turns "why is the price so high?"

Mini-split systems don't just "plug in" and run.  They require an installation that includes refrigerant lines, additional electrical requirements, and a start-up procedure.  Mini-split systems have to be installed by a dealer to receive the limited warranty.  And our customers expect us to be around if problems do occur.  

We sell and perform quality mini-split installations when they are installed.  And we provide service for those systems we install (and others).  We don't service, sell and install window or room air conditioners that don't require professional installations.

Example Pictures of the Mini-Split Systems (by manufacturer)

Download the Mitsubishi Residential Products Brochure here.

Ready to catch THE wave of the future?  Considering a Geothermal System?  Get more info about a system we call a multi-port system.  A larger system (from 3 tons on up) that has many blowers.  Such a system can provide a blower for each room with independent temperature controls (perfect zone control).    

Unused rooms can have significantly different temperature and humidity settings. At an investment that is less than the investment amount for a Geothermal system. Much more efficient and comfortable than the highest efficiency, traditional HVAC system.

Sure, the investment amount required to purchase a multi-port system will be significantly more than a "traditional" system but probably less than a Geothermal system.  The only countries in the world that primarily use "ducted" systems are the U.S. and Canada.  We think this technology will be more prevalent in a few years...but it is available today!

Ready for some customized choices for your application (minisplit or multi-port)?  Call us at 843-360-0816 or complete our Contact Form.  We will respond promptly.

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