Many of us CHOOSE to live at the “beach”. And a lot of us have come here from somewhere else. The salt environment that we live in takes a toll on heating and air conditioning systems and significantly decreases the longevity expectations (instead of 15 years, possibly as few as 5 years). Not only is life cycle longevity significantly reduced, the energy efficiency of newly installed heating and air conditioning systems quickly diminish. That’s why we added this product/service to our offerings…

he heat pump is dis-assembled to enable treating the inside of the system. We spray the unit with INFINIGUARD Prep in order to prepare the surface of the unit to be treated. The sprayed unit is rinsed of the prep solution until it is completely clean and ready for drying. Since the INFINIGUARD coating utilizes humidity as a catalyst the drying process is rather quick as the unit does not need to be “bone dry” before coating (which ensures a perfect coating application every time). Once dry the electrical components are prepared for coating also. Both sides of the coil are treated, including, compressor, and the electrical components. Depending on the request, we may also treat the outside of the cabinet to increase and preserve the appearance of the system while providing additional protection against corrosion.
The picture at right doesn’t fairly illustrate the intended purpose. For those outdoor systems that have the compressor mounted inside an all metal cabinet, the treatment of the bottom of the cabinet is one of the many steps utilized to provide additional years of service from our InfiniGuard treatment process.

We have successfully treated 1000's of systems.

Some of the Benefits Provided by the InfiniGuard Treatment Process

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Jeffery C.
Waccamaw Insurance Services, Inc.

Tri-County has provided the installation and maintenance for our HVAC systems since they opened their doors a number of years ago. Brett Rathbone has always been fair to us and has provided timely service during any emergencies that we have had. We are confident in having Tri-County handle all of our commercial and residential needs.

James E.
Enter’s Construction

I am pleased to recommend Tri-County Mechanical Inc. I have had the privilege of working with Brett and his employees for the last five years and have always received exemplary work. I enthusiastically recommend their services for both residential and commercial HVAC work. I have no doubts you will be exceptionally pleased if you hire him for any of the services Tri-county Mechanical provide.
Woodie F.
Ocean Drive Presbyterian Church

The work you have performed for us looks great – very professional. You have given us excellent service at very reasonable prices. We very much appreciate all of your efforts and look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thanks again for all you have done for us!
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