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We chose to display our system configurations with an outdoor system, an air handler (fan coil) and the thermostat that make the most sense to take advantage of the benefits offered with each configuration.  

The Spring of the year is traditionally "Manufacturer" Rebate Season...To learn more about available rebates for ALL of our Heating and Air Conditioning Systems (Split System Heat Pumps), call 843-773-2442.

Navigational TIP: The TABS on each page are designed to illustrate air handler and thermostat differences (if any) with our system configurations.  Click on the brand of your choice to get started.

We have been promoting Ruud heating and air conditioning systems longer than any of the other 2 brands:

Ruud Heat Pumps
  • We have been promoting Ruud heating and air conditioning systems longer than any of the other 2 brands
  • We receive un-equaled support from their local distributor.
  • Within in the last few years, Ruud systems have been re-designed to make them a quality choice for consumer consideration when purchasing a new heating and cooling system.

We were one of the very few dealers in the area that were invited to participate in their Pro Partner Dealer Program.

We have been promoting Bryant systems for the last few years.  You may not be as familiar with the Bryant brand as its sister brand, Carrier.  Both brands are manufactured by the same manufacturer, it's just that Carrier is the nationally advertised brand.

Bryant air conditioning systems
  • Bryant heating and air conditioning systems provides our customers choices from minimum efficiency to the highest efficiency models available today.
  • Bryant's EVOLUTION systems are second to none as far as high efficiency and comfort is concerned.  The heating efficiency ratings may be the highest in the industry!

You may notice some Bryant dealers are FAD dealers.  We could meet all of the requirements to be a FAD dealer except for 1.  Bryant FAD dealers are required to maintain a predominant brand identification with Bryant.  

They also require one-half of the dealers service technicians to be Nate Certified.  We meet that requirement.  However, we do not choose to ally ourselves with ONE primary manufacturer.

In December of 2016, Tri-County Mechanical was approved to be a Trane dealer.  We realize that Trane is the most popular and most advertised brand to consumers.  


As a result of the brand loyalty of many Trane consumers, we realized that promoting Trane systems was congruent with our plans to increase our emphasis on service to residential customers.

  • Trane heating and cooling systems have a long history of durability and dependability.
  • Trane has a minimum efficiency system all the way up to the highest efficiency systems available in our heating and air conditioning industry.
Trane CS

You may notice that some Trane dealers are Trane Comfort Specialist dealers.  One of the requirements to become a Trane Comfort Specialist is based on Nate Certified technicians.  We could meet that requirement today.  

But we haven't met the volume purchasing requirements of a Trane Comfort Specialist.  Again, I note that we are just getting started with Trane systems.  And many that work here are very knowledgeable with Trane's products.

You can rest assured we possess the knowledge and expertise to install and service any of the systems, regardless of brand represented.  And we also have the knowledge and expertise that can best match the system that most closely meets your needs and desires.  

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