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We believe that a heating and air conditioning company is NOT defined by the BRANDS of heating and air conditioning systems that it sells.  We do admit though, that some brands complement the level of service provided more than other brands.  (That's why we have chosen to sell the brands that we do.)   We know that the way a HVAC service company is defined begins with the level of service that is provided.  And the level of service that is provided can sometimes be exhibited by the ratings of its customers.  We encourage you to check out our ratings.  And our ratings are only the beginning!

And we think the next important dimension is INTEGRITY.  How is integrity measured? Our Integrity begins with the prompt responses to customer requests...doing what was said we could do, showing up as expected, and providing creditable evaluations that exhibit technical expertise with professionalism and respect. (In the medical industry, a great doctor also has great bed-side mannerisms.)  Granted, HVAC is not quiet the medical profession, but it is OUR profession and we aspire to be the best professionals in our industry. 

Another important dimension in INTEGRITY is fair pricing for the services rendered.  There is a growing trend in our industry to convert service pricing to a Flat Rate methodology.  We still utilize a Time and Material methodology because it is fairer to our customers.  Until we find a Flat Rate methodology that is fair to customers we intend to remain on a Time and Material pricing method for service pricing.  For a comparison of the differences go here.

Even though integrity can be reflected in many things, we think that INTEGRITY is best affirmed by experience. (You don't know whether or not to really TRUST someone until you have an experience that proves that trust is justified.) And if you have misplaced your trust before, we are ready and capable of meeting your expectations.

Tri-County Mechanical has been here serving predominantly serving multi-family buildings and commercial customers since 2007.  You may have some awareness of our company, but it's safe to say you haven't requested service from us.  Now we are ready to expand our horizons.  We are betting that you will be delighted if you should provide us the opportunity to become your heating and air conditioning service provider.

Since you ARE visiting our site, We think it is fair to assume a heating and air conditioning concern brought you here.  Explore our site and choose the service that best matches your concern.  We would appreciate the opportunity to serve YOU.

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