TriCounty Mechanical WiiFM Network Rewards Program

What if… You could participate in a program that helped to INSURE comfort in your home?

What if… we could provide you MORE than Great Service?

What if… you didn’t have to be a customer/client of Tri-County Mechanical to participate?

  • What if the REWARDS earned could be redeemed to reduce heating and air conditioning expenses?  What is the probability that everyone has a heating and air conditioning system that cost money to maintain, service, and/or replace?
  • What if one method of earning rewards was through social media platforms? (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
  • What if one of the rewards was reliable information pertaining to heating and air conditioning topics that are tailored to your interest?  And delivered to you only with at a permissible  frequency rate ? Periodically you receive a communication from us that provides you the opportunity to earn more reward points.  (Not Unsolicited Junk Mail!)

And IF these rewards concepts prove successful, the structure is in place to:

  • Increase the opportunities to EARN REWARDS and
  • Increase the opportunities for REDEMPTION.  How does a FREE week-end at the Beach sound?  How about FREE tickets to the Country Music Festival in Myrtle Beach sound?  How about a FREE SOS card?

These are only intended to be EXAMPLES of redemption opportunities that could be made available!

We are getting ready to make a stab at it!  Look for an opportunity to JOIN the TCM WiiFM Network!​  Watch for our Programs!!  We are not quite ready to launch yet but here is a final DRAFT of the program.