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WiiFM REwards Network - Tri-County Mechanical rocket What's in it For Me

The WiiFM (What’s In It For Me) Network is designed to reward our customers and/or our social media followers for selecting Tri-County Mechanical (TCM) as their heating and air conditioning service provider and/or by promoting “featured” communications on social media and forwarding communications from us through a group email.

Social Media Participation

The WiiFM Network Rewards Program provides opportunities for sharing FEATURED messages contained in communications that are sent from Tri-County Mechanical.  To earn points, just share these to your network of family, relatives and friends.  Please note that you will only be allowed to share the message in each communication 1-time.  And we encourage you to share our message to ALL of your social media networks and via “group” email messages to your email contacts.

How you accumulate WiiFM Award Points on your email and social media platforms.

  • Joining the WiiFM Network Program.  You earn reward points.
  • Copy your link on a post to your social media platforms and invite others to join and begin earning program rewards.  You earn reward points.
  • Send your personalized link in a group email and invite your email contacts to begin earning program rewards.   You earn reward points. 
  • You earn reward points when someone that received your share to “join the WiiFM Network” joins the WiiFM Network.
  • Sharing FEATURED messages sent from Tri-County Mechanical from each communication,  You earn reward points.
  • This is a NEW concept for us.  Please let us progress through the crawling and walking stages before we start RUNNING. This program contains MORE ways for you to EARN reward points.  Stay Tuned!
  • We suggest you pay attention to the SPECIAL OFFERINGS that are soon to be made available in conjunction with our Grand Opening Events.  We are moving to a new location in Little River in approximately 30 days!

Social Media Platform Invitations to Join Will also be posted on our Tri-County Mechanical Facebook Page 

Sharing to The following Social Media Networks is ALSO Encouraged

What's in it For Me

Download Program Info

See How To Earn Points

Detailed Terms and Conditions

Conversion of Reward Points to Services (Redeeming Reward Points)

  • Heating and Air Conditioning System Replacements / InstallationsMaximum Number of Points Available for Redemption –>500Minimum Point Balance Needed for Redemption         –> 250
  • Reductions to the Cost of Repairing a Heating and AC SystemMaximum Number of Points Available for Redemption –> 75Minimum Point Balance Needed for Redemption         –> 125Permitted in 75 Point Increments ONLY
  • Reward Points have NO Cash Value and Will Be Awarded at a Value of $1.00 per Point
  • Reward Points Are NOT Eligible to be used as Reductions to an UNPAID Invoice or Account Balance

Eligibility to REDEEM Reward Points

  • Property OWNERS (single-family and multi-family) that own dwellings within a 40 mile radius of Tri-County Mechanical’s office location are eligible to earn rewards. (Verification of distance to be provided by Google Maps.)
  • Tri-County Mechanical reserves the right to void participation in the program based on the location of the primary residence of WiiFM Network participants.Clarification Example:  Many Grand Strand property owners live in different sections of the U.S. (the southeast and north – northeastern areas of the country).  In our opinion, a property owner whose primary residence is in San Francisco, California is ineligible to earn Reward Points in the WiiFM Network Program.  
  • WiiFM Network Program participants that are discovered to be competitors of Tri-County Mechanical Inc. will be removed from participation and are ineligible to redeem reward points.
  • Active or former employees/associates of Tri-County Mechanical and their family members are in-eligible to redeem points for rewards.
  • Earned REWARD points are NOT Transferable to anyone else.

Participation in the Tri-County Mechanical WiiFM Rewards Program Requires a Subscription in our Email Server (The TCM Communicator)

  1. Participation is through Invitation Only and is an Opt-In Process. (You must confirm that you do want to join.)
  2. A path to Opt-Out will be provided with every communication received from the TCM Communicator, should a participant desire to leave.
  3. If a WiiFM Network participant chooses to leave (cancel their subscription with the TCM Communicator), we lose the capability to track earned points.  WiiFM  participants will forfeit the capability to accumulate future Reward Points from the WiiFM Program, should a participant choose to “Opt Out”.
  4. WiiFM participants will receive communications that contain the opportunity to earn additional Award Points on a periodic basis. The default FREQUENCY RATE is 1 communication per week.  The minimum frequency rate for participating in the program is 1 per month.  WiiFM Network participants CAN modify the frequency rate that they receive communications at any time.