Getting Closer…To Moving In – Part I

What better time to illustrate that you believe in the products and services that you promote than when you have the opportunity to practice what you preach?


We are using Bryant Extreme Evolution systems for two systems.  There are no heating and air conditioning systems more efficient than these.  In the industry, they are known as variable speed (inverter) heat pumps.

They will operate somewhere between 30% to 100% capacity providing the most comfortable indoor environments possible – perfectly tempered indoor air (temperature and comfort).  Click here to preview the components of each system.


Go here to see what the EXTREME graphic is all about…

The variable speed heat pumps do a superior job during the winter… they may never need to energize the electric heaters to keep the building comfortable, even at the coldest temperatures during the winter!  Interested in reading about the TYPES of heating and air conditioning systems?

Since the indoor blowers are “synched” with the speed of the outdoor system, we may not hear the system running while inside our office.  And if you were outside, you probably wouldn’t notice the noise generated by the outdoor systems.  The sound levels produced will be  no more than the noise generated from a refrigerator!  (Do you have a noisy outdoor system near your pool or deck that is irritating?)

And since these systems will only be running at a capacity level to meet the thermostat setting inside the building, they will be using significantly less energy than traditional systems.

Since I mentioned the thermostat, did you know that the thermostats (controls) on these systems can be connected to home automation devices?  Interested in learning more?  Click here.

The picture at the beginning of this article illustrates that we take the systems apart to apply the treatment…then reassemble them before they get installed.

Before we install the outdoor systems., we do what we recommend to our clients…treat them with our InfiniGard treatment to extend the life of the systems and maintain the installed efficiency  as when they were new.  Learn more about our treatment here.


Let’s change gears and focus on the duct systems.


Check out our duct systems.

Installing GREAT equipment alone doesn’t mean that your SYSTEM will produce high efficiency results!.    They are comprised of round metal pipes as opposed to rectanglular, duct board systems.   Go here to read an article regarding the importance of duct systems.

The air flow requirements needed for each room in the office have been calculated.  The “pipes” have been sized to deliver the correct airflow to each room.​  Go here to learn more about load calculations.

And if by chance, the science of computing air flow requirements for each room prove in-correct, we have dampers installed so that air flows can be “manually” adjusted.​  (You will have to trust me on this one)..I neglected to take pictures of the dampers…they are not visible…but they are there, just in case!


​This is important for you to know.  We don’t over-engineer our duct systems!  We don’t have zoned duct systems.   What is a zoned duct system?  Click here.  Why don’t we use them with our systems?

Answer: All of the rooms in our office ​have approximate equal heating and cooling requirements.  We don’t have a “room over the garage” or a “Carolina room” that has different heating and cooling requirements than the rest of the house.

You may say…”Well, you can purchase the systems a lot cheaper, because you are a heating and air conditioning dealer.”

I would respond that we chose to use the most efficient systems that we could.  We could  have also received  a deal on the lower efficiency systems. that would have required a lower investment​.

We are “hunkering down” at the new location because we plan on being there a while…at least through the life cycle of these systems, 15 years?​  Our plans should also illuminate they we plan on being around for a decade or two and continue providing our clients/customers with quality heating and air conditioning service with integrity.  Want to see how the new office is progressing?  We have pictures posted on our Facebook page here.


If you are considering a replacement soon, if you act before July 15, 2017 you will receive significant rebates toward the purchase of a system like we are installing.  Go here to learn about available rebates.  If you are a Santee Cooper customer, you can get the information here to qualify for the rebates (and apply for their loan program with a 1.5% Interest rate).  Don’t forget about the Santee Cooper THERMOSTAT rebate.  Bryant thermostats qualify! 

(I didn’t forget about them…  There ARE “indoor” components of a heating and air conditioning system.  I will describe those components in an an another article soon.)

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