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Trane Hyperion Air Handlers

"A Cut Above All Other Air Handlers"

Some call it their "electric furnace".  Others may call it their fan coil.  In most cases, it's out of sight (in the attic or in the crawl space).  Just because it's out of sight doesn't mean it's NOT a critically important component in your next heat pump system.

​We encourage you to review the advantages of the Trane Hyperion air handlers.  No other manufacturer has a similarly engineered air handler!  We invite you to compare the differences.

Hyperion Air Handler Features

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Legacy Air Handlers

Trane has "legacy" air handlers too.  Just like ALL other manufacturers of heating and air conditioning equipment.  Trane legacy air handlers are manufactured for new construction applications where COST is the most important consideration.  Trane's legacy air handlers have a place in the REPLACEMENT arena too where there is just not enough space to install the Hyperion air handlers because the Hyperion air handlers have typically slightly larger cabinets.

  • Your outdoor system has never leaked on your ceiling.
  • Your outdoor system isn't the culprit when unhealthy air (air leaks) finds a way inside your home.
  • Mold and mildew contamination, if it exists, lives in the air  handler, not the outdoor system.

But because of the DESIGN improvements of the Hyperion air handler, we choose to use Hyperion air handlers, if possible, because they provide significantly more value to consumers that are more concerned with energy efficiency, healthy indoor environments, and longevity​ than the relatively short warranty period of large tract home developers.

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