Residential Energy Savings Agreement

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Residential Energy Savings Agreement


Benefits of having a residential energy savings agreement with Tri-County Mechanical, Inc.:

Priority Service10% discount on repairs
Longer equipment lifeFewer repairs
Lower utility billsEmergency service – 24/7

Tri-County Mechanical, Inc. will perform a precision tune-up procedure which will include changing filters (1” disposable only), clean indoor/outdoor coils as needed, clean blower wheel as needed, flush drain lines, visually inspect duct system, lubricate all moving parts, clean & adjust thermostat if needed and a complete check of the following:

Operating pressuresElectrical contacts
Voltages/AmperagesSuction temperature
Refrigerant chargeSafety controls
HeaterPerformance of system
Start control contactsEfficiency of system

This agreement covers air-conditioners/heat pumps, air-handlers, furnaces, humidifiers and electronic air cleaners. A Labor rate of $89.00 per hour will be charged on regular service calls in between scheduled maintenance checks – 10% discount will apply.

 ***This agreement does not prevent indoor air pollutants such as mold and mildew, this agreement is intended to keep your equipment running at its peak efficiency level. Please ask our technician about installation of an indoor air purification system for indoor air pollutant problems***

Annual Plan Cost (per location)

Primary System: $150.00 ----- Additional system: $103.00

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