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Our Email Server

We have recently subscribed to an email marketing service named Mail Chimp.  We plan to use our email server for multiples services and of course that would include the distribution of marketing and sales related topics.  

The following are the foundational premises we covenant to observe when using this service.  We think that INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY are some of the most important attributes that your heating and air conditioning service can possess.  Hopefully, you do to.

We will never sell, rent, or share your email address with anyone else.  Not even 1 time.  Unless you grant us permission to do so.   Anything we do will never violate this foundational pledge.  We realize that you own your email address.

No one likes to receive JUNK MAIL.  We don’t want to be a contributor to anyone’s junk mail box.  We have the opinion that we can use this service to increase our efficiency and improve the level of service that we provide to our existing customers and potentially, new customers. The email received from our server will be available for you to read at your convenience, contain informative topics of interest, and not sent to annoy or interrupt you.

  1. Your email address will never be contained in our email server unless you accept an invitation to join.  Inclusion in our email server by subscription only.  Our subscription process requires a 2-step process to join.  After you agree to join, you will receive a confirmation that you want to join.  (I know that is redundant, but this step helps prevent you from joining if joining was not your intention.)
  2. A component of the registration process includes the rate of FREQUENCY you are willing to receive email from us.  Just so that there are not any misunderstandings regarding the rate of frequency, we define the rate of FREQUENCY as follows:A.  For billing, if a bill is due.  The frequency is determined solely by the number of invoices generated in any given month.B.  For the distribution of what we would describe as press releases…such as events, awards, or the launch of new marketing programs.  It is unlikely that the FREQUENCY would be more than 1 per month.  And there may be months we don’t have anything happening that is worthy of a news release.C.  Unlimited – you are granting us permission to send email to you as we see fit.  Note that we are a small company with constrained resources for marketing and advertising roles.  If we were to send more than 4 in any given month, that would be unusual.D.  Weekly – You consent to allow us to send you correspondence 4 or 5 times in any given month.E.  Bi-Weekly – You consent to allow us to send you correspondence 1-time every 2 weeks.F. Monthly – You consent to allow us to send you correspondence 1 time per month.
  3. With every correspondence you receive from our email service, you will be provided an opportunity to modify your subscription and even “Opt Out”.  If you decide to “Opt Out” by mistake or re-join later, you will be provided a process to re-subscribe.  Please remember, that based on OUR RULES, email addresses are not permitted in our email server by manual entry (keypunching, uploading, or importing.  We could add names to our server but that violates our pledge of INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY.)
  4. We will categorize the purposes that our email server is permitted to send correspondence.  You choose from 1 to all categories and subsequently determine the frequency that correspondence is permitted.  Note that the minimum rate of FREQUENCY for all of the choices.  For billing purposes and press releases, you may not receive correspondence in a given month.  The categories (topics) are as follows:A.  For Billing – You consent to grant us permission to receive invoices as they occur. Frequency of correspondence is dependent upon how many invoices are generated for any given month.  (No invoices, No correspondence will be sent.)B.  News Releases – You consent to grant us permission to send “press releases” on a monthly basis.  Topics defined as press releases could be based on an event, an award, or a new marketing program.  (You would receive correspondence, probably no more than 1-time per month, and there may be months when nothing occurred that qualifies as a News Release.)C.  As we begin promoting new marketing programs, we will use features contained in the email server for information requirements for program participation.  A component of a marketing program will probably include a list of “defaulted” topics that will be contained in correspondence and with a weekly FREQUENCY rate.  Program participants will receive the option to modify their subscription and their rate of FREQUENCY.  They will also be provided the opportunity to “Opt Out”.  If program participants choose to completely “Opt Out”, opting out may have an adverse impact on participation in marketing programs.  If the choice to completely “Opt Out” is made, we may lose the capability of administrating continued participation in marketing programs.D. For marketing and advertising topics. Subscribers will 1st be provided the option to select the classes of information that most appropriately match their interest. (Residential, Commercial, or Both). Subscribers will then select from categories that are based on the life cycle of heating and air conditioning systems (maintenance, repair, replace, or about us). Subscribers can choose multiple categories.Maintenance related topics will correspond to topics that may be for purchasers of relatively new heating and air conditioning systems. (0 – 4 years old)Repair topics will correspond to topics that may  be interesting as new air conditioning systems age and are approximately (4 – 8 years old).Replacement topics will be directed toward those subscribers who have heating and air conditioning systems that will need replacing sometime in the near future (greater than 8 years old).“About Us” topics would include news releases and other related topics. You may call some of these topics “boasting”.  But given the opportunity provided by our email service, “it would be a sorry frog that didn’t promote his own pond.” 
  5. All subscribers in Section 4 will be granted the opportunity to identify the rate of FREQUENCY they are granting permission for us to send information. (the beginning rate of frequency, see Section 2 above, options C – F)
  6. With every correspondence sent from the email service, every subscriber will be provided the option to modify their subscription and/or  “Opt Out”.