Getting Closer…To Moving In – Part II

What better time to illustrate that you believe in the products and services that you promote than when you have the opportunity to practice what you preach?

We are also using 3 Ruud Variable Speed (inverter) systems for 3 of 5 systems for our new office.  These Ruud variable speed systems are what we consider to be the “value” choice for variable speed (inverter) systems.  Click here to preview the components of these systems

They too will operate somewhere between 30% to 100% capacity. Ditto for COMFORT and HUMIDITY REDUCTION as compared to other manufacturers’ variable speed models.  Click here to learn about the types of heating and air conditioning systems.

Click here to discover what 360 is all about…

Ruud Spring Promotion

But few consumers even KNOW that Ruud has a line-up of Variable Speed heating and air conditioning systems.  In the past few years, Ruud has re-designed its complete product line.

They use components (compressors, valves, protective devices and coil designs) that are common to the leading HVAC manufacturers.  Their controls (thermostats) monitor the performance of the systems to ensure that they are running as efficiently are similar to the other leading manufacturers.

If we install our InfiniGard treatment on Ruud systems, our customers/clients receive a 10-Year warranty on the outdoor coil even in CORROSIVE environments.  Click here to learn more about our InfiniGard treatment.

 So what is missing?

Ruud products do not contain the consumer advertising $$$ that are contained in other brand offerings.  If it is plausible to believe what I have written so far, and we think it is…now you understand why we call it our VALUE OPTION.

I have compared three models of variable speed heating and air conditioning systems.  For this comparison, I used models with 3 tons of cooling capacity.  The dimensions that are common to all three comparisons : 20 SEER efficiency ratings and rated cooling capacity.

The “dimensions” that were different are noted below.  Note that my scale is Best, Better, Great.  (Typically I would use “Best, Better and Good”), but all of these choices are GREAT choices.  BEST and BETTER choices as compared to Great Choices!







Brand A

Brand B


Great Choice




Great Choice



Great Choice

Great Choice




Efficiency and sound ratings are based on AHRI Certified Ratings.  Go here to learn about AHRI ratings.

For an understanding of what a SEER rating is go here.

For an understanding of what a HSPF rating is go here.

For an understanding of what a EER rating is go here.

Thanks to Wikipedia, one of my favorite online information sources

Duct systems were noted in PART I.  Same duct system design as the 1st two systems.

If you are interested, click here to learn more about “why duct systems are important”.

You may say…”Well, you can purchase the systems a lot cheaper, because you are a heating and air conditioning dealer.”

I would respond that we chose to use the most efficient systems that we could.  We could  have also received  a deal on the lower efficiency systems. that would have required a lower investment .

We are “hunkering down” at the new location because we plan on being there a while…at least through the life cycle of these systems, 15 years?  Our plans should also illuminate they we plan on being around for a decade or two and continue providing our clients/customers with quality heating and air conditioning service with integrity.

Click here to view some pictures on our Facebook page with our new facility in various stages of completion.

If you are considering a replacement, you could click here to learn about rebate options for a Ruud system like the ones we are installing.  If you are a Santee Cooper customer, you can click here to get the information you need for Santee Cooper rebates (and apply for a Santee Cooper loan with a 1.5% interest rate to finance the replacement).

(I still haven’t forgotten about them…  There ARE “indoor” components of a heating and air conditioning system.  Those components will be described in the next article.)

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