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Online Payments

The capability to accept online payments has become a service that many expect these days. Have you ever wondered what happens to your identity information when you pay online? Our forte’ is heating and air conditioning, not developing methods that provide for the secure acceptance of payments.  None of your sensitive information is left behind on our servers. Our main requirement when selecting a service was to let the professionals who make their living accepting payments and protecting identity information do what they do so we can focus on heating and air conditioning service to our customers.

We subscribe to a service named Titan Services that allows us to accept most forms of payment but most importantly, all of the payment processing occurs on their servers, NOT OURS.  

Applications for Approved Payments

We provide opportunities for financing with approved credit.  Be assured that we do not desire to be a part of that application process.  All of the personal identity information required for credit applications take place on the servers of the credit provider.  They only report to us the status of the credit application after the approval process has run its course.  Identity information has become so critical that we are reluctant to take any more “paper” applications for credit.  

Your identity information is better secured by the the online processing methods used for credit approval.  One of the benefits of utilizing on “online” process is that creditworthiness can be determined in minutes in lieu of hours or days.  Since credit approval can impact the timing of a heating and air conditioning replacement, the shortened amount of time needed for credit approval can expedite a return to comfort with energy savings resulting from a new, more efficient heating and air conditioning system.

Your Email Address and Phone Number

We will never sell, rent, or share your email address or phone number with any contact that is not an employee or associate of Tri-County Mechanical, Inc.  Not even 1 time.  We will only share the information that you have granted permission to do so.

Anything we do will never violate this foundational pledge.  We realize that you own your email address and phone number.  Your permission to use your email address requires us to be TRANSPARENT and exercise a high level of INTEGRITY for us to send communications to you.  We may collect information from you through our normal methods of communication or from interactions with you on our website or through the utilization of our email server.

Email Marketing

We have recently subscribed to an email marketing service named MailChimp.  We reference this new service as our TCM Communicator.  We plan to use the email server to streamline some of our internal processes.  Of course, we also plan to use it with the distribution of marketing and sales related topics.  The following are the foundational premises we covenant to observe when using this service.

  1. We will never sell, rent, or share your email address with anyone that is not an employee or associate of Tri-County Mechanical without your permission to do so.
  2. No one likes to receive JUNK MAIL.  Email addresses that are contained in our email server reside there on a PERMISSION basis only.  Permission includes the designation of the topics of information available to send and the level of FREQUENCY they can be received.  Lastly, those who grant permission for the email service may modify the level of service or “Opt Out” with any correspondence sent to their email account. 

Our Website

Our website has been redesigned to make communicating with visitors as easy as possible. We are aware of the trend of increasing internet use from smart phones and tablets.  Websites designed to be viewed on PC’s don’t behave as expected for smart phone and tablet users without incorporating more modern capabilities.  We hope that the new website provides more useful and relevant information that better serves our customers’ expectations.

Personal information collected from our website will originate from well identified sources from our website. Should visitor information be available from other sources, i.e., IP addresses or Email addresses, email addresses may ONLY be used to solicit permission to Join Our Email Server and only on an infrequent basis.  

Call Tracking Phone Numbers

We utilize call-tracking phone numbers for 2 main reasons.  The 1st reason is that the use of a call tracking phone provides a method of counting responses to specific advertising and marketing related activities.  Note that the call tracking activities may originate from our website or a special seasonal message we publish on some other advertising medium.The 2nd reason is that call-tracking provides us feedback regarding how well we respond to requests.  If you should call and receive a message like “this call may be recorded for quality and training purposes”, the call IS recorded.  Rest assured the recordings are not about you! Call tracking is intended to be an aid for us to provide a better level of service and become a wiser steward of our advertising resources.

Responses to Service Requests (Dispatching)

Based on my experience in other roles in the heating and air conditioning industry, Tri-County Mechanical is not the normal heating and air conditioning service provider.  It is unusual that practically all of our service technicians perform dual roles, responding to service calls and/or assisting with installations as a install team member.  As service calls are received, the calls are geographically dispatched as opposed to an “assigned geography”.  If you were to call, it is likely that we already have a technician dispatched in your neighborhood.  If a technician is not readily available that happens to be in your neighborhood, another technician will be dispatched to expedite your service request.We do not dispatch our technicians based on a “Good Buddy” rule, even if the Governor happened to request service.  Dispatching is based on the order the request was received, with 1 exception.   One of the benefits received from our Energy Savings Agreement participants is VIP service.  If a program participant calls and needs service, their request will be expedited to the top of the queue.If you should call and request service, we will make every effort to comply with your request for service on the date and time of your request that is most convenient to you and send a technician to arrive promptly to fulfill your request.  You will be notified when the technician has begun his journey to your service address.


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