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Energy Savings Agreement Existing Customers

If you are an existing Energy Savings Agreement customer of ours we want to thank you for your participation by providing a reward for your continued patronage and for your prior years participation in our program.  
We are introducing a VIP Rewards Program.  When it comes time to renew your service agreement with us, we will provide you with a rewards account that will equal 50 reward points for each year of consecutive participation in our service agreement program.  And you will earn an additional $50 for each additional year of continued participation.  The maximum reward points that can be earned is 500. 

These accumulated points (valued at $1.00 per point) can be redeemed toward the purchase of a new system.  In the case of multiple systems for a single residence, the maximum award in any given year for a single system will be determined by the number of consecutive years of participation in our service agreement program for each system to be replaced X $50.  The VIP rewards IS retroactive to the earliest date of consecutive years of participation.

Please contact (phone 843-399-0203) or email our office to verify your current email address and the number of consecutive years you have participated in our Energy Savings Agreement Program.  Conformation of years of participation will be returned via Email from Tri-County Mechanical.

Want to RENEW now?  Click here to review the benefits of participation in our program.  Down load the current version of the Energy Savings Agreement program here.

Tri-County Mechanical reserves the right discontinue the VIP Rewards Program at any time it deems appropriate.  All rewards earned up until the date the program is discontinued  (if applicable) will be honored.

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