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RUUD Spring Rebate

High Power Bills!!!

What PERFECT timing for us to Announce Rebates and our Soon-To-Be Grand Opening!

Ruud Spring Promotion

Manufacturer's typically provide special promotions on high efficiency heating and air conditioning systems.

  1. Get Significant Rebates on Ruud High Efficiency Systems

Did You Know that we will be moving to a NEW facility within a month or so?

We have been posting and carrying on about the new location on Facebook for a few months...but have been waiting to talk about it on our website.  Care to see some pictures of what the new facility is advancing?  Go to pictures on our Facebook page.

The Combination of THOSE Events with Santee Cooper's Reduce the Use Rebates and Financing Provides Some Attractive Opportunties






Financing Available through Santee Cooper Loan Program Only


1.  Purchase a new High Efficiency Ruud UP20 heating and air conditioning system and receive up to a $1,400 Rebate  - OR - 

2.  Finance the purchase of a new High Efficiency Trane heating and air conditioning system for 60 months at 1.5% Interest Rate (Loan approval process required.  Call for Details.) and receive up to a $1,400 Rebate.  Go here for the Santee Cooper loan approval process..  (Must be a Santee Cooper customer to be eligible for participation.)

You Pick the Purchase Option that is best for you!

Ruud's 20 SEER variable speed heating and air conditioning systems are the supremely EFFICIENT.   And  COMFORTABLE.   And with LOW sound levels.  Probably the BEST VALUE choice in the industry!

Other REBATE Options available on UP 17 and RP 15 Models. Call for more information.

Please note:  You will need to complete some Santee Cooper forms to receive their rebates. You will need the "Rebate Application" and the "Homeowner Application".  If you think you may need a duct system replacement, download the "Duct Improvement Application".  They allow up to an ADDITIONAL $700 towards a duct system replacement!  Go here to get these forms.  (Must be a Santee Cooper customer to receive their utility rebates.)

Interested in learning more from our website? (My Suggestions)

  • I have an article that compares efficiency choices in lighting to efficiency choices in heating and air conditioning. Go here to understand high efficiency heating and air conditioning system as compared to efficiency options with residential lighting.
  • Before you “dig in” discover the important reasons why we think you should select Tri-County Mechanical to replace your heating and air conditioning system. We think WHO you select is as important as the brand of system you choose. After all, who is going to ensure that you get what you pay for? Go here.  For the reasons we feature Ruud systems, click here.  Did you know that the Bryant "Extreme" system is the most efficient heating system available?  Did you know that our "heating" requirements are practically equivalent to our "cooling" requirements?  Get more info here.

Expecting you to work too hard to “think right”?  Just pick up the phone and call us. 843-399-0203.  We desire to consult with you and match the system that best fits your needs and desires. And we are here with stellar, 24/7, service that ensures you get what you pay for!

And OUR Professional Consultation Service is FREE!​

To see all available Rebate options, click here to download a PDF.

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Pierre Rattini

Pierre Rattini

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