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$75 Check-Up

$75 Check-Up
New or Existing Customers will be charged $75 per system for a “check-up”.  Sorry, this offer is Not Valid for participants in our Energy Savings Agreement Program. (They are already receiving incentives for service calls through this program.) 

We don't want to mislead you in any way, it's just the way we operate. We provide this offer in hopes that you will choose to participate in our Energy Savings Agreement Program. This offer is valid only 1 time per year. And we apologize in advance for the length of the the explanation to this offer but our experience indicates some will try to use such an offer as a discount for a needed repair; others may not explain the objective of this type of offer.  (Please keep reading.)

If the system to be checked out is in-operable a “check-up” is not applicable, a repair service is needed. For our website visitors that are considering choosing us to be their heating and air conditioning service provider for 1st time and know that the heating and air conditioning system IS inoperable,  we have two other offers for consideration, our 2nd Opinion Offer (go here) or New Customer Repair Offer (go here).

​We encourage you to check out our Energy Savings Agreement program (click here).  You can read about the benefits of this program and even download a participation form that outlines the tasks to be performed. Except for coil cleanings (if needed), all the tasks involved in performing a check-up to an energy savings agreement customer will be provided. Should coil cleanings be required, the normal hourly rate will be applied to the time required to provide the coil cleanings.

Should our technician discover “defects” in the operation of the heating and air conditioning system, they will provide 2 estimates of repair; (i) those repairs necessary to be performed to restore operation at the time of the service call and (ii) those repairs that are recommended to improve the performance of the system.  Go here to learn how we provide heating and air conditioning service.

If you were impressed with our performance (either you were or you weren't), we will provide 14 days subsequent to the date of service to be eligible to apply the $75 fee towards the normal price of becoming an Energy Savings Participant.  Hopefully you will choose us to become your heating and air conditioning service provider.

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