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2nd Opinion

If you have just been surprised by a heating and air conditioning service provider that has informed you that the "compressor was dead" or "there was a refrigerant leak" and your system needed to be replaced and you wanted a confirmation from a reputable source, call us.  Maybe there was something that the technician said or did (or didn't say or didn't do) that aroused your suspicion, call us for a 2nd opinion.  If you went to a doctor and was given a life-threatening diagnosis, wouldn't you want a 2nd opinion?

If you call us, we will not charge you for the service call. (More info about our repair service here.) Our technician will perform an unbiased diagnostic and if the system can be restored to operation we will only charge the cost of the repair.  If it can be restored to service and you choose to participate in our Energy Savings Agreement program, you could receive another 10% reduction to the repair cost.

If our technician's diagnosis confirms the original diagnosis, you will receive a $300 reduction to the investment amount of the system of your choice.  Our replacement professional will provide a thorough list of options for a new system that will match your needs with a system that performs based on the requirements of your home.

Choose your method of contacting us.  Call us at 843-399-0203; complete the Contact Us form and include the day and time that would be most convenient for a service call.  We will confirm your request for service promptly.

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